To present findings and research results of psychology, mental health and overall health vividly, to transfer them to life and to make them usable for everyday life: This is the task BartolomeBeltran.com is dedicated to. Founded in 1999, our blog is the most renowned and widely read journal in Europe.

BartolomeBeltran.com is aimed at people who want to understand themselves and others better and who are not satisfied with the superficial. In articles and news, interviews and reports, columns and essays, BartolomeBeltran.com deals with the big questions of life: love and partnership, body and well-being, personality and path of life, childhood and attachment, satisfaction and self-development. Current messages from the research and specialized reviews to new publications provide overview and give suggestions for further reading. In addition to the monthly print issues, the editorial staff publishes four issues per year in the “compact” series, which are dedicated to a single topic in all its facets.

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